Version 1 vs. Version 2

Rentals - Version 1 vs Version 2A number of our rental guns come in 2 versions - version 1 and version 2.  Our version 1 airsoft guns are mostly standard specification premium brand airsoft guns.  They are reliable and hand picked to perform as we would expect them to.  They have had some minor engineering work performed to ensure an increased reliability to stand up to the rigors of rental work but for the most part they are as you would expect to find them off the shelf.  Our version 2 guns are a different breed altogether.  We appreciate that some of our customers would prefer to pay a little more for a higher performing gun and so these have received a degree of custom engineering work to the internals.  They are visually different to the version 1 counterparts and perform quite differently too.  We don't divulge our trade secrets to making a top-notch rental gun but their performance seldom disappoints even the most demanding of seasoned players.


Standard Equipment

All of our rental packages have the following provided AS STANDARD.  Other items are available to purchase as optional extras, but the following is included in the basic rental price:

  • Rental gun cost for the day;
  • 1,000 rounds of ammunition;
  • 1 high capacity magazine;
  • All the battery charges required for the day.


M4 v1

M4v1 Rental
Magazine Capacity: 300
Barrel Length: 363 mm
Rate of Fire: 950 rpm
Main Features: Solid stock or 6-position collapsible stock. Carry handle. Full-Auto/Semi-Auto selectable
The M4 is the standard issue equipment of the US military and is our most popular airsoft rental gun.  Being highly customisable and an all-round excellent airsoft gun, it's no surprise that this is a solid gold winner with most airsofters.  Many long-standing players have at least one of these in their personal arsenal.  Click here to hire.



M4 v2

M4 v2 Rental
Magazine Capacity: 300
Barrel Length: 363 mm
Rate of Fire: 1,230 rpm
Main Features: 6-position collapsible stock. Rail attachment system with foregrip attached. Carry handle. Full-Auto/Semi-Auto selectable.
This is our upgraded M4 with a better rate of fire, a snappier response and some extra bits bolted onto the body.  These are very popular and as we only have a few of these in our rental stock, it's advised to book early if you want to experience this tuned airsoft gun.  Click here to hire.



G36 v1

G36 v1 Rental
Magazine Capacity: 470
Barrel Length: 247 mm
Rate of Fire: 1,050 rpm
Main Features: Foldable stock. Carry handle. Full-Auto/Semi-Auto selectable.
Heckler and Koch's finest, as used by the police's armed response units, brought to airsoft as a great all-rounder.  Second to the M4 v1, this our next most popular airsoft gun and as such we have a small arsenal of these bad boys.  A compact weapon and so ideal for younger players and older ones alike, these nylon-bodied weapons are robust and lightweight but pack a mighty punch.  They are definitely worth consideration.  Click here to hire.



G36 v2

G36 v2 Rental
Magazine Capacity: 300
Barrel Length: 247 mm
Rate of Fire: 1,170 rpm
Main Features: Fully adjustable, foldable stock. M4 magazine well. Carry handle. Full-Auto/Semi-Auto selectable.
This G36 looks and performs completely differently to it's v1 counterpart.  The body is a G36 hybrid, fitted with a magazine well that is compatible with M4 magazines, intended for greater in-team cross-compatibility and is fitted with a unique stock which adjusts in length and cheek plate height, as well as folding just like the v1 G36 stock.  Performance-wise, the response and rate of fire is what you might expect from a v2 tuned airsoft gun, being more accurate and faster firing than the G36 v1.  Click here to hire.



AK47 v2

AK47 v2 Rental
Magazine Capacity: 600
Barrel Length: 455 mm
Rate of Fire: 1,300 rpm
Main Features: Real wood furniture. Huge capacity magazine. Metal outer barrel and body. Full-Auto/Semi-Auto selectable.
In a word - awesome!  These hugely under-rated guns out-range, and in most ways out-perform all other rental guns.  Their huge magazine capacity will have you firing when all others are changing their mags.  These are v2 tuned with the usual specification enhancements to make them even more awesome.  Where is the v1, I hear you ask?  We weren't happy with the quality of the lower grade alternative that didn't survive the rigors of rental use.  This v2 is completely different, from the wood and metal body to the impressive internals.  Due to the size and weight of this rental gun, we recommend them for adults only.  Not Currently Available.




MP5 v1 Rental
Magazine Capacity: 200
Barrel Length: 229 mm
Rate of Fire: 1,150 rpm
Main Features: Metal Upper Receiver. RIS Rails Tactical Foregrip Full-Auto/Semi-Auto selectable.
This compact sub-machine gun packs quite a punch.  This gun may feature our shortest barrel length but it can reach as far as our longest rental gun when it comes to the crunch.  Reassuringly weighty and feels great to hold, this AEG performs as well as it looks.  Be aware that this weapon is deceptively heavy and so may not be suitable for younger players.  The rest of us will love the feel of this tactical variant of one of Heckler & Koch's most iconic weapons. Not Currently Available.