These are the optional extras that can be hired in addition to the basic package.  These items are not available to hire without hiring a basic gun package.  If you have your own gun and need any of the below items, these can be purchased from our on-site shop (excluding clothing).

It is mandatory for all players to have appropriate eye protection.  Eye protection is available to buy separately from the Airsoft Cabin on-site store.  Airsoft Cabin | Eyewear 

For under 18 players, full face protection is mandatory (adults may waive this requirement with the exception of eye protection).




We offer an alternative to wearing regular clothing during a game day, that is a cheaper alternative to buying full camouflage two-piece clothing; the came coveralls.  Our coveralls are offered FOR SALE; not rental, and as such the price you pay is to take away your coveralls and to reuse again as many times as you want to.  This is a great way to start your kit list without breaking the bank.

Made of 240gsm premium cotton, with a popper front opening, side pockets and breast pockets, these coveralls are a great all-purpose clothing option to get you airsofting while keeping you clean enough to go home again after the day's play is over.

We do not offer full face protection with our packages due to hygiene/health and safety reason. We do have a full range of both eye and full face protection available. Under 18's must have full face protection. For any queries please speak to a member of staff on the day of your booking.


2nd Magazine

Extra MagWhat happens when your gun's mag runs out of ammo in the middle of a game?  Usually this will happen at the worst possible time and so you'll need to withdraw from combat to reload.  Why not spend a couple of extra pounds on the rental of a second mag so you have a fresh one to slap into the gun and carry on the fight.  Once the immediate danger is dealt with you will then have the time to fill your first mag again.  It seems like an obvious need to us but we have many players asking for this as an optional component (some are borrowing a rental gun while theirs is being repaired and so have lots of mags), and so this is a feature that can be added to your rental package if needed.  Unfortunately we only have enough spare mags to provide one extra per gun so this add-on cannot be stacked.  Sorry.




Assault Vest

Assault VestPockets are a sure way of losing your keys, wallet, ammo or other items that you may not want to leave in the safe zone.  With one of our assault vests you will have plenty of pouches to secure all sorts of personal items and in-game equipment.  We sell all sorts of in-game extras in our on-site shop, including a wide range of smoke grenades and BB grenades.  An assault vest is ideal to carry these, your spare mag, bags of ammo, tins of pistol gas, and anything else you may want to take out with you.  Please be aware that while the pouches on the assault vest are robust and secure, they are not padded and so players who use these to carry delicate items such mobile phones do so at their own risk.


Ammo Upgrade

We already provide 1,000 high quality BBs as part of the standard package, but why not upgrade this to a full bag of 5,000?  The standard bag should be enough to get you through the day, but if you're planning to have extra fun and want to take full advantage of the high rates of fully-automatic fire that our rental guns are capable of then you may need this cost effective upgrade.  We do offer full bags of 5,000 to purchase throughout the day in our on-site shop, but this is the only opportunity to buy a half bag.

BBsPlease be aware that our rental guns are high-precision pieces of equipment and as such we cannot allow the use of any brand of BBs in our guns that are not pre-approved by us.  There are some excellent brands out there and we don't really mind if you bring your own BBs.  However, there are some really poor quality BBs out there too (typically sold as the best BB in the business, of course) and these are likely to cause our guns damage.  Any damage caused by use of unapproved BBs will be chargeable to the renter.  If in doubt, please ask our staff.  We have lots of high quality brands of BBs available to buy from our on-site shop at very competitive prices so there really should be no need to take this risk.