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Next Gen M4 Pro Rental Package
Rental Store, Adult Players
Next Gen M4 Pro Rental Package

Our Next Generation M4 Pro assault rifle is not for the feint-hearted.  We have packaged a tuned high-end electric airsoft gun with precision and reliability at the core with accessories that have been selected to compliment a more precise mode of game play.  Modelled on the classic Colt M4 with a modern rail system, and finished off with a stubby foregrip.  This rental gun is intended for players who have played airsoft before and is not recommended for first-time players.

This rental gun is fitted with the X-ASR MOSFET by Gate to give added reliability, performance and trigger responsiveness.

Basic package includes:

  • 1x M4 Pro fully auto capable airsoft gun
  • 2x 125 round mid capacity S-Mags
  • 1x small speedloader (for loading the magazines)
  • 1x Battery (with free charging)
  • 1x Small bag of BBs (1,000)

Add to the package from the options available to provide a more complete service, or tailor your rental based on the equipment you already have.

Skirmish Airsoft Billericay require all players to have a minimum of eye protection or full-face protection for under 18s. These are available to purchase from our on-site store.

Please be aware that our rental fee does not include the site fee, which is payable to Skirmish Airsoft Billericay in advance of the day of play.

* A complimentary face mask is available for you to borrow if you have no eye protection of your own. Please be aware that these are not maintained and we highly recommend the purchase of your own eye protection from our on-site store, where we have glasses, goggles and masks of all types available. We accept no responsibility for the mask's condition.

* Due to concerns around the spread of Covid-19, we will no longer be offering complimentary face masks until further notice.

Starting From £ 35.00 per Day
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