Making the right decision on the equipment to rent, or not to rent, can make or break your gaming experience.  We have compiled a few pages in this part of the website to detail the kit we offer to rent and the pros and cons of each.  We have also provided a bit of information on how to use the booking system. 


Our Policy

We base our rental system on a bare bones default so that when you start to add kit to your own collection (and if you like airsoft you're bound to do that pretty quickly) then when you subsequently rent you are not paying for extras that you don't need.  We are different to most other rental solutions providers in this respect but I'm sure you will appreciate this approach when you start to collect kit of your own.  Of course, all the kit you expect to see in a fully-loaded rental package is still available, it's just that we have these items as optional extras so you can choose what you want to pay for.

We pride ourselves on maintaining competitive equipment to ensure that you can meet the level of play that others are experiencing.  The notion of "rental grade" equipment doesn't factor with us as we choose high quality premium brand equipment for renting to our customers.  You certainly won't be second class players with our kit.  Browse through the detail on the following pages to see for yourself.

As much as we recognise that our rental kit is some of the best in Airsoft, our rental equipment is made available for game-day use at Skirmish Airsoft Billericay only and cannot be taken offsite for use at other sites. 


Renting vs. Two-Tone Purchase

The decision around renting vs. buying a low priced two-tone gun is one that will be debated forever and there are pros and cons around both options.  We see a lot of players who rent and a lot of players who buy a two-tone gun so we have compiled a few observations below:


  • Renting means that you can be sure of a competitive quality gun;
  • The rental gun is fully maintained throughout the day by our onsite engineers;
  • Renting a gun comes with the option of renting face protection, clothing and other items.  This is not possible without renting a gun;
  • We often see very low priced two-tone guns in the bin at the end of the game day, sometimes in multiple pieces.  Be very careful around the quality of the two-tone you buy.  Anything less than £100 on the gun alone should ring alarm bells;
  • Many younger players arrive with two-tone sniper rifles.  This is fine but please be aware that you will have a much better gaming experience if you start playing with an assault rifle.  Playing airsoft as a new player with a sniper rifle is nowhere near as fun as playing Call of Duty of Battlefield 4 with a sniper rifle.



  • You are starting to accrue your own kit and so you are on your way to being fully kitted;
  • You are saving "wasted" money on renting;
  • You are in a position to learn about the workings of airsoft guns by experimenting between games;
  • You are in full control over the model and class of the gun you want to play with;
  • You can customise and upgrade your gun as you see fit.

Ultimately there is no right or wrong answer to this dilemma.  Each player will have different opinions over the pros and cons of each side of the debate.  It's important to remember that an over 18 player that satisfied the VCRA defence will have a wide range of options for equipment purchase for the long run.  It may be best to hang on for your first purchase until the full range of airsoft equipment becomes available to you.